Friday, January 05, 2018

Just Go Left Of The Gate And You're In

Laguna Beach: Are These Signs A Bluff?Boat Canyon Fire Road. No Trespassing Authorized Personal Only. Hazardous Fire Area. $1,000 Fine Per Occurrence.

That last one is a dozy. Does it mean every time you went in and out it’s a 1000 bucks? That could add up really quick.

Or is all those signs over kill? After all just walk around the gate and you are in. It looks like that happens all the time.

And it’s a 1000 bucks each time.

05:01 AM 1.95 feet Low Tide
06:56 AM Sunrise
09:52 AM Moonset
11:02 AM 5.74 feet High Tide
04:57 PM Sunset
06:08 PM -0.71 feet Low Tide
09:23 PM Moonrise

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