Saturday, December 02, 2017

Walking In The Laguna Wilderness Park Can Be A Pain In The Knees

Laguna Beach: Where Did The Road Go?It doesn’t drop off the cliff but it comes close. No fun on my old knees.

01:05 AM 1.19 feet Low Tide
05:18 AM Moonset
06:39 AM Sunrise
07:25 AM 6.62 feet High Tide
02:22 PM -1.01 feet Low Tide
04:24 PM Moonrise
04:43 PM Sunset
08:39 PM 4.29 feet High Tide

Take a close look at the tides levels. By Monday it will be at their peak. Monday at 08:46 AM the high tide level is 6.92 feet and at 03:55 PM the low tide is -1.46 feet. An 8.38 feet swing in the water level.

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