Thursday, December 28, 2017

Heisler Tide Pools - Again

Laguna Beach: Heisler Tide PoolsComing back from running errands in Aliso Viejo (OK I went to Lowes.) I was looking forward to getting back to the old homestead. One problem – Temple Hills Drive was blocked and no one was going up that street.

Question: How come I get trapped by a traffic accident the police here in Laguna never issued an alert. If I’m home then, yes, they get out the alert.

So, I had a half hour to waste and traffic downtown was a mess. I took a chance anyway and my parking karma was still working because I got the only available space on Ocean Ave.

And that is why I have another picture from the Heisler Tide Pools.

01:48 AM Moonset
04:57 AM 5.29 feet High Tide
06:55 AM Sunrise
11:59 AM 0.69 feet Low Tide
01:28 PM Moonrise
04:51 PM Sunset
05:53 PM 3.39 feet High Tide
11:03 PM 1.47 feet Low Tide

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