Saturday, December 23, 2017


Laguna Beach: S**t On A RockIn the military there is, or hopefully WAS, a food item called Shit-on-a-Shingle. Not very good. In fact crappy.

Here in Laguna we have our version of this food item and it’s where they put man made structure out on the rocks. This condo and another in South Laguna are the worse examples of everyone in positions of authority to stop this structure from being built didn’t. Enough said.

Let’s just call it Crap-on-a-Rock.

12:54 AM 3.67 feet High Tide
05:20 AM 2.72 feet Low Tide
06:53 AM Sunrise
10:32 AM Moonrise
11:14 AM 4.57 feet High Tide
04:48 PM Sunset
06:39 PM 0.37 feet Low Tide
09:51 PM Moonset

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