Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Basket Case

Laguna Beach: Basket CaseWarning: The weather site my Android tablet uses to give me temperature, etc, now says it could reach 100 DEGREES right here in Laguna Beach. Did you hear what I said? 100 DEGREES. So be careful out there.

Note: This post was created around Noon yesterday because using any computer in the current hot temps we are having is no fun. So the sooner I get the post done the sooner I get turn off the computer.

But, I still use my Android 7" tablet. And that is were I got the weather warning. I turned the computer back on at 9PM and added the very high temperature warning. Again turned off the heater computer.

01:01 AM 3.51 feet High Tide
05:23 AM 2.59 feet Low Tide
07:03 AM Sunrise
11:20 AM Moonrise
11:47 AM 4.90 feet High Tide
06:06 PM Sunset
07:21 PM 0.79 feet Low Tide
09:50 PM Moonset

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