Friday, September 15, 2017

The Inn At Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach: Inn at LagunaSpent all day yesterday downtown Los Angeles for the start of PST: LA/LA. I spent some of that time over at the Broad Museum trying to do a special photo. The Broad had, I think, two or more artists painting the crosswalks at the intersection of Grand Ave & 2nd St. I was trying for an Abby Road of Beatles fame. Came close but no cigar. You can see my effort at flickr.

Today’s photo, of course, is of that infamous motel, The Inn At Laguna Beach.

12:37 AM 0.10 feet Low Tide
01:47 AM Moonrise
06:35 AM Sunrise
07:16 AM 4.13 feet High Tide
12:18 PM 2.33 feet Low Tide
04:02 PM Moonset
06:20 PM 5.69 feet High Tide
06:57 PM Sunset

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