Thursday, September 21, 2017

Leaving Sleepy Hollow

Laguna Beach: Mellow YellowI took 5 pictures from this location and this was the first one. To say the least, I didn’t need to take any others. I did take 4 more only because you never know.

On other occasions I have taken a really nice picture but always felt I could do better. I never did – not once.

But I will never stop trying.

04:23 AM 0.44 feet Low Tide
06:39 AM Sunrise
08:00 AM Moonrise
10:35 AM 5.44 feet High Tide
04:45 PM 0.61 feet Low Tide
06:49 PM Sunset
08:03 PM Moonset
10:50 PM 5.13 feet High Tide

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