Saturday, September 02, 2017

Late Afternoon At Main Beach

Laguna Beach: Twilight At Main BeachThis was at 6:30PM Thursday. I don’t think Main Beach will look like this over this Labor Day weekend. For me, I buy all my supplies earlier in the week and then hold out at the house for the next three days.

Then again, I like to go downtown (That includes the beach and the festivals.) at around the same time this photo was taken – 6:30PM. So, there you go. I never know what I’m going to do but usually on holiday weekends it’s absolutely nothing.

02:07 AM 0.33 feet Low Tide
02:57 AM Moonset
06:26 AM Sunrise
08:29 AM 4.07 feet High Tide
01:35 PM 2.23 feet Low Tide
05:07 PM Moonrise
07:15 PM Sunset
07:40 PM 5.54 feet High Tide

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