Sunday, August 20, 2017

More Protesting Today At 6PM

Laguna Beach: Protesters At Main Beach ParkThe protesters of the political right will be at Main Beach Park at 6PM (That time may change.) There will also be a march from the city hall to Main Beach park by those of the political left.

I guess the two groups will meet each other at Main Beach park for a “Meet & Greet.” Good luck with that.

The photo was taken Saturday during the left's protest at Main Beach Park.

Maybe we change the name to Protest Park?

I’m trying to be neutral here but it ain’t easy.

The information for the protest demonstrations was gotten from the Indy.

03:12 AM -0.89 feet Low Tide
05:03 AM Moonrise
06:17 AM Sunrise
09:31 AM 4.68 feet High Tide
02:48 PM 1.46 feet Low Tide
06:58 PM Moonset
07:31 PM Sunset
08:57 PM 6.70 feet High Tide

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