Saturday, August 26, 2017

How Many Make A Rally?

Laguna Beach: When Is A Rally Not A Rally?Last Sunday’s gathering of Trump supporters was being called a rally in support of Trump. But was it really a rally?

rally: a mass meeting of people making a political protest or showing support for a cause.

From what I saw there were very few Trump supporters, maybe 50 or 60 at most. Is that number enough to constitute a mass meeting?

The above picture shows 5 Trump supporters up against ONE anti-Trump protester and a gaggle of photographers. This was typical of the evening. There were so few Trump supporters that the media was desperate to get anyone that was a Trump supporter to pose for pictures or to give an interview. Usually one or two Trump supporters would be surrounded by photographers, TV video crews and reporters from radio, TV, and newspapers.

What got me laughing was every Trump supporter couldn’t wait to be photographed or interviewed by the FAKE news organizations.

PS: As of early Friday afternoon, both Trump rallies in Berkley and San Francisco were being cancelled. Organizers claimed they feared violence from anti-Trump protesters. REALLY? Violence at a Trump rally?

Now back tour regular morning post.

12:36 AM 4.41 feet High Tide
06:21 AM Sunrise
06:41 AM 1.33 feet Low Tide
11:10 AM Moonrise
01:13 PM 4.77 feet High Tide
07:24 PM Sunset
07:41 PM 1.66 feet Low Tide
10:40 PM Moonset

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