Friday, August 25, 2017

Friday's Throwback Thursday: From The Flood Of December 2010

Laguna Beach: From The Flood Of December 2010The last major flood experienced by Laguna Beach was in December 2010. The photo was taken on January 3, 2011. The place was still a mess. The city was still planning how to get the place back in order. Fortunately, January in those days was fairly quiet. So that gave the City time to plan an orderly rebuild of the Boardwalk.

Also note that the Boardwalk had not been sealed off and you could still use the Boardwalk.

Go figure.

10 Years and Counting!

I should also add that as of August 15th has been posting at least one photo everyday. That’s over 6500 pictures.

06:08 AM 0.75 feet Low Tide
06:20 AM Sunrise
10:14 AM Moonrise
12:32 PM 4.92 feet High Tide
06:40 PM 1.47 feet Low Tide
07:25 PM Sunset
10:06 PM Moonset

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