Monday, August 21, 2017

Are We Back To Normal Yet?

Laguna Beach: Main BeachWhile all the demonstrations were going on the business of Summer continued. Lifeguards stated it was a smaller than usual crowd at the beach. Could that be because less that fifty Trump supporters showed up.

So, the city got screwed coming (No one at the beach.) and going (An expensive Trump demonstration.)

Who approved this thing. Saturday, it was just the local police that handled the anti-Trump demonstration. Sunday less than 50 Trump supporters will cost this city thousands.

So, who pays for this joke of a demonstration?

03:50 AM -0.86 feet Low Tide
06:08 AM Moonrise
06:18 AM Sunrise
10:08 AM 4.88 feet High Tide
11:31 AM New Moon
03:33 PM 1.25 feet Low Tide
07:30 PM Sunset
07:41 PM Moonset
09:41 PM 6.55 feet High Tide

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