Wednesday, August 30, 2017

An Artist Experimenting

Laguna Beach: An Artist ExperimentingBetty Haight is experimenting with materials. This birdy is not intended for a customer’s entry way. It’s just an experiment with materials.

Betty Haight of the duo Cunningham / Haight, Festival of Arts, Booth 36.

The festivals are on the final stretch with the Festival of Arts closing on, Thursday, August 31, and the Sawdust’s final day is Sunday, September 3.

12:01 AM 1.32 feet Low Tide
12:34 AM Moonset
06:24 AM Sunrise
06:46 AM 3.33 feet High Tide
10:57 AM 2.88 feet Low Tide
02:45 PM Moonrise
05:22 PM 4.67 feet High Tide
07:19 PM Sunset

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