Friday, July 21, 2017

Sawdust In The Evening

Laguna Beach: Sawdust In The EveningWith hot and muggy days the evening may be the best time to visit the festivals.

This was at the Sawdust in the early evening.

Visitors were admiring the work of Michael Phillips, Booth 421.

Another plus is finding parking downtown. Between 5PM and 6PM may be the best time to find parking. The beach crowds have left and the Festival visitors haven’t shown up yet. I have always gone to the festivals at this hour and have found parking downtown.

02:44 AM -0.91 feet Low Tide
04:08 AM Moonrise
05:56 AM Sunrise
09:06 AM 4.06 feet High Tide
01:58 PM 1.77 feet Low Tide
06:30 PM Moonset
07:59 PM Sunset
08:18 PM 6.89 feet High Tide

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