Saturday, May 13, 2017

Walking Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach: The vast majority of Laguna Beach is walkable. Yes, we have those pesky hills but for the most part they can be ignored. My favorite pastime is walking and when I can unite walking with photography I have even more fun. Yes walking IS fun.

So, get out of those Range Rovers and other supersized vehicles and start walking.

As they say: It does the body good.

The property in the photograph is hidden behind a giant hedge and rightly so. Oak Brooks St dead ends at Temple Terrace and, if not for the hedge, the owners would have constant beams of light throughout the house.

05:41 AM -0.26 feet Low Tide
05:52 AM Sunrise
08:02 AM Moonset
12:07 PM 3.38 feet High Tide
04:41 PM 2.06 feet Low Tide
07:44 PM Sunset
10:15 PM Moonrise
11:00 PM 5.11 feet High Tide

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