Thursday, April 20, 2017

Throwback Thursday:

Laguna Beach: When I first got a digital camera I spent a lot of time at Main Beach in the mornings. This photo was taken on October 26, 2007. It's been fun going through all the early photos. This photo was posted probably the day after I took it.

I've changed the cropping to include the young boy on the far right. Don't know why I took him out the first time. It might be when it was first posted in 2007 the images where smaller. Now with larger images I can include more in the picture without losing any detail or impact of the photo.

02:35 AM Moonrise
04:52 AM 3.89 feet High Tide
06:14 AM Sunrise
12:08 PM 0.39 feet Low Tide
01:33 PM Moonset
06:55 PM 3.76 feet High Tide
07:26 PM Sunset

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