Thursday, April 27, 2017

Throwback Thursday: Drivers That Suck

Laguna Beach: Throwback Thursday: Drivers That SuckSome things never change. Drivers sucked back in November 2007 and they still suck at stopping for people.

What is interesting is the pedestrians really didn't get upset over this. There is an elderly person with a walker and they don't seem upset.

I don't get it.

PS: the only time anyone gets upset is when pedestrians block the orderly flow of traffic on PCH. Isn't that right, Mr. David Hansen?

04:38 AM -1.07 feet Low Tide
06:06 AM Sunrise
07:19 AM Moonrise
10:54 AM 4.39 feet High Tide
04:19 PM 0.84 feet Low Tide
07:31 PM Sunset
09:09 PM Moonset
10:34 PM 6.19 feet High Tide

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