Sunday, April 30, 2017

Rasta Taco Is On Beach, Really

Laguna Beach: Rasta Taco Is On Beach, ReallyYou may walk past this place while walking to the Saturday Farmer's Market, or you're headed to Zinc and think the address is, naturally, on Ocean Ave. Well, you would be wrong. A few days back I showed a picture of this place from the Ocean Ave side. To order your tacos need to go to the opposite end and you will find the Order Window.

Pictured is not the Order Windows, it's around the corner.

Even though everything seems to get done on the side facing Ocean Avenue, the address is on Beach Street. Gotta love Laguna Beach.

Stay out of the kitchen.

12:07 AM 5.68 feet High Tide
06:03 AM Sunrise
07:27 AM -0.71 feet Low Tide
10:02 AM Moonrise
02:14 PM 3.47 feet High Tide
06:49 PM 2.20 feet Low Tide
07:34 PM Sunset

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