Monday, April 10, 2017

It's Spring In Laguna

Laguna Beach: It’s Spring In LagunaI don't need to explain this stuff, do I?

A short lesson in taking pictures. The classic is never put a pole behind someone and have the pole come out the person's head. In the case of this photo, I have put Bird Rock connecting the couple. Not good. I had other pictures of the couple but I just like this picture the best. The way he is looking at her is important and I hope that look overrides the Bird Rock mistake.

03:38 AM 0.14 feet Low Tide
06:22 AM Moonset
06:26 AM Sunrise
09:39 AM 4.70 feet High Tide
03:38 PM 0.31 feet Low Tide
07:02 PM Moonrise
07:19 PM Sunset
09:50 PM 5.18 feet High Tide
11:09 PM Full Moon

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