Sunday, April 09, 2017

50 Years of Taco Bell

Laguna Beach: 50 Years of Taco BellIn the April 7, 2017 OC Register there is a story about the Taco Bell here in Laguna Beach. Apparently that thing is 50 years old. And I have never eaten there. My remembrance of this place is not the place itself but what went on in front of the place.

In June 1969 I was discharged from the Marines and headed to Laguna Beach. My parents had bought a house up on Top of the World and I took it over. Most days were spent at Brooks St body surfing and at night, well lets just say, there were other pursuits. Every once in a while, for entertainment, we would go down to the Taco Bell and watch the cops hand out mimeographed copies of a search warrant that the city police got from a friendly judge. The cops would approach an unlucky drivers stopped for the light and hand them one of these mimeographed warrants and commence to search the car. This was our show. We would cheer and applaud the antics of the police and the unlucky occupants of the car.

I was told the reason for the searches was because Laguna Beach apparently was the midpoint of drug deliveries to Los Angeles. Since my favorite drug was Tequila I really didn’t pay much attention to the drug soap opera.

So the story goes these alleged searches went on for sometime until they searched a car belonging to a Newport Beach lawyer. Big mistake. He challenged the warrant and won in court. That was the end of our entertainment at the Taco Bell.

I never ate there and probably never will.

Another fast-junk-food place in Laguna Beach is the Jack-in-the-Box. I ate there once and have regretted it since. Another reason I disliked the Jack is they replaced a great old restaurant-cocktail lounge that was a throw back to the 40s and 50s. In ’69 while spending all those days a Brooks St I would hop up to this restaurant and get myself a screwdriver. Because the place was closing at the end of the summer the bartender would give me the drink to go with plenty of vodka. This drink would last for a couple of hours. It was that strong.

We never did get a McDonalds but that is another story for someone else.

The Photo: The photo was taken on Saturday, April 8, 2017. They were having a 50 years of Taco Bell party. I wasn't interested in the party just the place.

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  1. Steve S.12:25 PM

    One of the real big issues law enforcement had at Taco Bell was the spill-over of drug dealing that came from Mystic Arts World, which was across the street(PCH). It was "in business" from 1967-1970, until it mysteriously burned down. This business was a front for the group "Brotherhood of Eternal Love", as the article you posted eluded to.