Monday, March 27, 2017

Morning On Main Beach

Laguna Beach: Morning At Main BeachThis photo was taken back in August 28, 2007. I had purchased a digital camera 10 days prior. This is a JPG straight out of the camera. Because the camera did such a good job of converting RAW files to JPGs it took me a couple more years before I started shooting in RAW exclusively.

I was shooting pictures of Laguna Beach previously with a 35MM film camera but for some reason never posted them. Even stranger, I first set up this blog in 2005 but only posted 10 or 12 times before the age of the digital camera. Once I started shooting digital I posted at least one photo everyday for years. Only the crash of a laptop and the flu in 2014 prevented me from posting. That comes to 5423 posts. I have no idea how many photos but it's at least the same number.

03:19 AM 0.29 feet Low Tide
06:40 AM Moonrise
06:45 AM Sunrise
09:26 AM 5.39 feet High Tide
03:42 PM -0.39 feet Low Tide
06:58 PM Moonset
07:08 PM Sunset
07:59 PM New Moon
09:54 PM 5.27 feet High Tide


  1. Steve S.12:51 PM

    I appreciate all your efforts John with sharing all these wonderful Laguna Beach photographs and offering some insight on what is happening in and around town. Thank you!