Monday, March 27, 2017

Morning On Main Beach

Laguna Beach: Morning At Main BeachThis photo was taken back in August 28, 2007. I had purchased a digital camera 10 days prior. This is a JPG straight out of the camera. Because the camera did such a good job of converting RAW files to JPGs it took me a couple more years before I started shooting in RAW exclusively.

I was shooting pictures of Laguna Beach previously with a 35MM film camera but for some reason never posted them. Even stranger, I first set up this blog in 2005 but only posted 10 or 12 times before the age of the digital camera. Once I started shooting digital I posted at least one photo everyday for years. Only the crash of a laptop and the flu in 2014 prevented me from posting. That comes to 5423 posts. I have no idea how many photos but it's at least the same number.

03:19 AM 0.29 feet Low Tide
06:40 AM Moonrise
06:45 AM Sunrise
09:26 AM 5.39 feet High Tide
03:42 PM -0.39 feet Low Tide
06:58 PM Moonset
07:08 PM Sunset
07:59 PM New Moon
09:54 PM 5.27 feet High Tide


  1. Steve S.12:51 PM

    I appreciate all your efforts John with sharing all these wonderful Laguna Beach photographs and offering some insight on what is happening in and around town. Thank you!

    1. Thanks and you're welcome.