Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Memorial Point At Low Tide

Laguna Beach: Memorial Point At Low TideWell, I got some color today (Monday.) What is frustrating is spending 2 hours down at Main Beach and Heisler Park and I saw 1 minute of Sun. Really ONE minute. Then after going to Ralphs and driving back to the house, I see that the clouds had cleared and the Sun was shining in all its glory.

Well, here is Memorial Point at low tide and some green among all the brown.

Now, on a Tuesday morning the Sun rises on a clear sky. One only hopes it stays that way.

That didn't last long. By 9 AM it was completely overcast. Welcome to Spring in Laguna Beach.

02:26 AM Moonrise
04:37 AM 3.98 feet High Tide
06:53 AM Sunrise
12:26 PM 0.62 feet Low Tide
01:01 PM Moonset
07:04 PM Sunset
07:24 PM 3.22 feet High Tide
11:53 PM 2.56 feet Low Tide

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