Sunday, March 19, 2017

Heisler Tide Pools

Laguna Beach: Heisler Tide PoolsI much prefer to give you color photographs but on days where we have fog or low clouds and all you end up with is very little color I go with Black & White. Black & White is used to bring out other characteristics of a scene.

Now if someone walked into the picture wearing a red shirt with purple pants and yellow tennis shoes, for sure, the picture would be in living color. We had such a shot with the two women on their walk that I posted the other day.

So today it's another Black & White.


12:45 AM Moonrise
01:47 AM 4.07 feet High Tide
06:56 AM Sunrise
09:50 AM 1.18 feet Low Tide
11:27 AM Moonset
04:58 PM 2.62 feet High Tide
07:02 PM Sunset
07:20 PM 2.56 feet Low Tide

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