Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Below Cleo St

Laguna Beach: Below Cleo StTides:
05:01 AM 0.50 feet Low Tide
07:02 AM Sunrise
08:23 AM Moonset
11:02 AM 4.71 feet High Tide
05:09 PM 0.39 feet Low Tide
06:58 PM Sunset
09:11 PM Moonrise
11:25 PM 4.81 feet High Tide


  1. Nice, like the new blog. Love the B&W.

    1. Thanks. This one did come out OK. The weather really dictated using B&W. And the Fujifilm XPro-1 made it easy because they do a good job with B&W JPGs. I did make some adjustments in the camera for the JPGs but I still had to do some editing in Lightroom.

      As far as the new layout goes I hadn't done a change in a few years. The banner has been up there since I started in 2007. I really made the change for smartphones and tablets. That's why all the misc stuff it at the bottom now. And the header picture will change now and then.