Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Operating Drone In Heisler Park

Laguna Beach: Operating Drone In Heisler ParkThere was a group below having a picnic and several people above enjoying the day and view. The operator of the drone LOST it while it was in the air. At one point it was behind the operator. An older gentleman spotted it off Memorial Point going north. The operator still couldn't get control of the drone and it continued to travel towards Main Beach. Eventually it made its way back to Memorial Point. I'm not sure if the operator got control and returned the drone to Memorial Point or the drone just got bored and returned on its own.

12:03 AM 4.45 feet High Tide
05:43 AM 1.61 feet Low Tide
06:47 AM Sunrise
09:46 AM Moonrise
11:35 AM 4.40 feet High Tide
05:23 PM Sunset
06:07 PM 0.41 feet Low Tide
10:25 PM Moonset

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  1. Jeannie Katherine12:43 PM

    Returned on its own!!! Love it.