Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Is Coast Hardware More Important Than Any Amount Parking It Provides?

Laguna Beach: Another Side Of Laguna Beach That Is More Important Than The Parking It ProvidesAgain, is Coast Hardware a more important asset to Laguna Beach or is the parking spaces it provides? In other words if Coast Hardware wanted to expand into those parking spaces would it be denied only because of those parking spaces? Parking or Hardware? Take your pick.

For me it's hardware. We lost our auto parts store do we want to lose our hardware store?

Coast Hardware isn't expanding but maybe someday it would want to. Would we kill the idea for 6 six lousy parking spaces?

It could be Coast Hardware would NEVER give up those parking spaces anyway.

This question was only put forth because I wanted to use the photo. :)

Asset: a useful or valuable thing, person, or quality.

Oh I forgot: Everyone have a honey of a Valentine's Day. And couples beware I will be out trolling for loving couples.

05:04 AM 1.29 feet Low Tide
06:36 AM Sunrise
08:52 AM Moonset
10:58 AM 4.59 feet High Tide
05:22 PM 0.40 feet Low Tide
05:35 PM Sunset
11:52 PM 4.42 feet High Tide

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