Monday, January 23, 2017

I Think The Dude Is Tired

Laguna Beach: I Think The Dude Is TiredI missed the Women's March here in Laguna Beach.

Don't ask.

But there was still a lot to photograph when I did get downtown after noon. This was one of those happy happenstance.

99% of the time people will stop and wait for you to take a picture. It's probably happened to you. In this case I was invisible to these two women. Actually makes a better photo so thanks. And a special thanks to the couple that allowed me to take their picture. And yes, people usually say yes if you ask. The problem with asking is then they want to pose and you end up with an artificial look. I was lucky this time because they were waiting for the two women to get by. And that's when I took the photo.

The lesson is be ready and work fast.

03:12 AM Moonrise
06:01 AM 5.18 feet High Tide
06:52 AM Sunrise
01:21 PM 0.06 feet Low Tide
01:55 PM Moonset
05:14 PM Sunset
07:42 PM 3.36 feet High Tide

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