Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Heisler Point And The Gazebo

Laguna Beach: Tides:
04:46 AM 1.57 feet Low Tide
06:48 AM Sunrise
09:09 AM Moonrise
10:46 AM 5.03 feet High Tide
05:22 PM Sunset
05:29 PM -0.08 feet Low Tide
09:22 PM Moonset


  1. Jeannie Katherine12:46 PM

    I have lots of memories of this little gazebo. Are there any plans to save it from sliding right off into the ocean? I can't see that anyone else has commented on this and am surprised.....or maybe not.....at the lack.

    1. I don't think the gazebo will come crashing down but a few of the palm trees might. They already have removed 2 palms trees from the bluff and I believe one was very near the gazebo.