Friday, January 13, 2017

Doggie Tide Pools

Laguna Beach: Doggie Tide PoolsThe past few days we've had some really low tides. Today's low will be a -1.35 feet. And, it's at 4 PM so you might be able to combine a low tide with a sunset. Cool, right?

I wanted to go down yesterday afternoon but even a tiny bit of rain is hell on my camera, so I'm hoping today there will be no rain. Cloudy or completely overcast is OK but rain is a big NO.

Yes, I know today is Friday the 13th but bad luck is better than no luck. Bad luck sometimes makes for some interesting photos. We will see.

03:01 AM 1.56 feet Low Tide
06:56 AM Sunrise
07:45 AM Moonset
09:10 AM 6.55 feet High Tide
04:14 PM -1.35 feet Low Tide
05:04 PM Sunset
06:47 PM Moonrise
10:42 PM 4.34 feet High Tide

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