Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Inside The New French Cafe On Forest Ave.

Laguna Beach: Inside The New French Cafe On Forest Ave.As usual, I'm doing a lot of forgetting these days. This time it's the name of the cafe. It replaced the Scandia so it shouldn't be too difficult for a local to find.

Crepes are $6 so I think I will try one today.

I had to take a quick shot. They were getting suspicious the instant I walked into the place. Seems about right.

01:33 AM 1.37 feet Low Tide
06:11 AM Moonset
06:47 AM Sunrise
07:51 AM 6.98 feet High Tide
02:57 PM -1.51 feet Low Tide
04:06 PM Full Moon
04:44 PM Sunset
04:59 PM Moonrise
09:20 PM 4.29 feet High Tide

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