Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Holiday Crowds

Laguna Beach: Holiday CrowdsThis photo wasn't taken in August but YESTERDAY!

Getting a parking space was a challenge. I had decided that if I didn't find a parking space on Ocean Ave I was out of there and back to the hills.

No such luck. I found a space.

I went down to Main Beach and the Heisler Tide Pools to get a quiet photo of sunset with the low tide. Didn't want people in the picture. Oh boy was I dreaming.

People, young and old, were everywhere. Couldn't point the camera in any direction and there was not one but many visitors in the picture.

I did get a couple of shots but they're for later.

02:15 AM 1.99 feet Low Tide
06:55 AM Sunrise
07:01 AM Moonrise
08:30 AM 5.94 feet High Tide
03:40 PM -0.68 feet Low Tide
04:52 PM Sunset
05:37 PM Moonset
10:05 PM 3.84 feet High Tide

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