Thursday, November 10, 2016

We Hang Lights

Laguna Beach: We Hang LightsHad to deliver someone to lunch in Dana Point and drove past a bunch of political signs at the northern edge of town so I went back there after making my delivery. It was far too hot to make any observations so I just took a bunch of pictures and got back into the air-conditioned car.

Later I noticed two signs that were out of place, or were they? Both advertised they would hang lights. I presume they mean Christmas lights. The is two weeks before Thanksgiving and we're already seeing Christmas stuff in stores and Christmas ads all over the place. I actually saw Christmas stuff in early October.

Don't they know us guys don't buy anything until Christmas Eve? Many years ago I worked Best Buy over the Holidays and the store was packed with men buying gifts on Christmas Eve. We stayed open an extra hour just to handle them.

I will also state that women shoppers were very polite and nice. Oh, we got a few bitches but they were the minority. But with the men, they were mostly just plain assholes.

Enough said about Christmas.

01:45 AM Moonset
05:47 AM 5.11 feet High Tide
06:19 AM Sunrise
12:02 PM 1.18 feet Low Tide
02:31 PM Moonrise
04:51 PM Sunset
05:52 PM 4.49 feet High Tide
11:55 PM 0.59 feet Low Tide

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