Saturday, November 26, 2016

Farm House In Paso Robles,CA

Laguna Beach: Farm House Paso RoblesSpent Thanksgiving at my brother's place in Paso Robles, CA. In the past farm's gave way to housing developments. Not anymore. Now they're being converted to wineries. Lots and lots of wineries. Beyond the boundaries of this photo are wineries. To the right, and to the rear, are wineries. To the left is the past in the form of housing developments and where my brother lives.

One of the problems all these new wineries are creating is a shortage of water in the underground aquifer below Paso Robles. It's being pumped dry say some, others think not. Below is one of those wineries.

And so the great debate over water continues in California as it has for a hundred or more years.

So, did you survive Black Friday and will we stay in Laguna today for Shop Local Saturday?

The great shopping mania continues.

Laguna Beach: Winery In Paso Robles, CA
12:40 AM 1.42 feet Low Tide
03:55 AM Moonrise
06:33 AM Sunrise
07:00 AM 5.60 feet High Tide
01:50 PM 0.15 feet Low Tide
03:25 PM Moonset
04:43 PM Sunset
07:53 PM 3.94 feet High Tide

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