Friday, September 30, 2016

I Think Blogspot/Blogger Just Done Me No Favors

Laguna Beach: I Think She Got MeTides:
03:24 AM 0.53 feet Low Tide
06:24 AM Moonrise
06:45 AM Sunrise
09:35 AM 5.32 feet High Tide
03:44 PM 0.68 feet Low Tide
05:13 PM New Moon
06:36 PM Sunset
06:43 PM Moonset
09:46 PM 5.13 feet High Tide

There will not be any tide info until I can figure out where my lists that were in the right sidebar went to. They are called linked lists and I had two of them. Both just disappeared.

I've put up the tides for today. But for those that used the links I provided it will take some time to rebuild the link lists.

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