Thursday, September 08, 2016

A Danger To All Pedestrians

Laguna Beach: A Danger To All PedestriansThat's a glass door sticking out into the sidewalk. GLASS! Do I need to repeat myself? OK then it's GLASS!

Why this is allowed is beyond comprehension.

First there is code against doors opening onto the sidewalk. But a GLASS door. Who is the irresponsible person that allowed this? Should be fired.

Yes, doors of a commercial building should open outwards but not onto the sidewalk. And a GLASS door? Look around at other commercial buildings and you will see the doors recessed into the building so that the door doesn't open onto the sidewalk.

Many times I see high school kids using this as part of their running route.

City Manager you think this OK? City Council what do you think?

So will this be corrected? I sure hope so.

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