Thursday, August 25, 2016

Walkers Crossing PCH – You Are Very Bad People.

Every Friday when I get the CoastLine-Pilot the first place I go is to Mr. David Hansen’s column. Then I read Friday's, August 19, 2016 column and at first I thought it was a satire on Laguna Beach’s traffic. But no he was DEAD serious.

This according to David Hansen who asserts in the Coastline-Pilot:
Which brings me to the failure of Coast Highway at Forest and Park avenues.

It has to be the worst pedestrian intersection in Laguna Beach. And it's 75% the pedestrians' fault. The rest of the blame lies with the city, and here's why.

Image that. All us Walkers cause the traffic jams in Laguna Beach.

What Mr. Hansen doesn’t talk about is who is responsible for the traffic control on PCH. That would be CalTrans. They determine how long us Walkers have to get off the curb and start crossing. Us Walkers have no say in this but we are still blamed for all the traffic mess on PCH and probably the entire city.

Does Mr. Hansen know how long all us poor Walkers have to get off the sidewalk onto the crosswalk? That would be approx. 6 seconds. Does he know how long we Walkers have to get across PCH? That would be approx. 22 seconds. And does he know how long the green light is for all those unfortunate drivers have on PCH? Approx. 1 minute.

It gets worse for Walkers. If you are on the wrong side of Park or Forest it may take you three cycles of the light to get across Forest and Park and then across PCH if you obey the signals.

And all four major crossings (Boardwalk, Ocean, Forest/Park, and Laguna.) get a lot of Walkers waiting too cross PCH. Because the light is so short for crossing PCH and long for PCH traffic the Walkers pile up waiting to cross.

Laguna Beach: Suck At Stopping

Mr. Hansen do you really think Walkers will not step off the sidewalk when they get a Don’t Walk signal? Especially after the long wait for the green light and Walk signal? Would you Mr. Hansen?

Is it any wonder that us Walkers ignore the Don’t Walk sign?

All CalTrans cares about is keeping traffic moving on PCH. Cross traffic and Walkers are an after-thought.
And all our city leaders care about is PARKING. Once you get out of your car and become a Walker you are the enemy. Also City has nothing to do with the traffic lights on PCH and Broadway. That responsibility belongs to CalTrans.

Laguna Beach: They Suck At Stopping

Mr. Hansen I suggest you get out of your air-conditioned vehicle and do a little walking back and forth across PCH then report back on your experience being a Walker.

I’m not even going to discuss the other stupid comments you make about Walkers. But have you stood at Forest/Park and PCH and observed how drivers will block the intersection instead of keeping it clear when traffic comes to a stop? Have you observed how often drivers will block the crosswalk and force Walkers out into on-coming traffic?

Mr. Hansen have you stood at PCH and Broadway and watch how drivers turning left from PCH to Broadway will keep going even AFTER to left-turn light goes red. These drivers will actually cut off Walkers IN the crosswalk and also block PCH.

I have many examples of this behavior on LagunaBeat.

I think I’ll end this for now and go for a WALK.

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