Monday, August 01, 2016

Bet You Never Drove Down This Street

Laguna Beach: Bet You Never Drove Down This StreetIt's called Sun Valley Dr and it's off Laguna Canyon Rd. Where off Laguna Canyon Rd I won't say. It is dead quiet and just a stone throw from the busy Laguna Canyon Rd. Never been there myself until yesterday. Just going to the grocery store has to be a major deal. No I'll stick to Laguna Beach proper.

03:19 AM -0.85 feet Low Tide
04:55 AM Moonrise
06:04 AM Sunrise
09:41 AM 4.35 feet High Tide
02:45 PM 1.73 feet Low Tide
06:59 PM Moonset
07:50 PM Sunset
08:55 PM 6.57 feet High Tide

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