Thursday, April 21, 2016

Empty Lot At The Big Bend

Laguna Beach: Empty Lot At The Big BendThis lot is next to the LCAD campus at the Big Bend. My first Secret Place photo was taken in this space. Now it's over grown with a lot of giant weeds. On the plus side, and that's a big maybe, someone has put in some trails. Haven't walked them entirely but maybe I will if I don't see any dirk bikes.

My first Secret Place.

03:44 AM 0.05 feet Low Tide
06:07 AM Moonset
06:13 AM Sunrise
09:46 AM 4.21 feet High Tide
03:27 PM 0.86 feet Low Tide
07:12 PM Moonrise
07:27 PM Sunset
09:39 PM 5.20 feet High Tide
10:25 PM Full Moon

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