Sunday, April 24, 2016

Big Bend Wildflowers

Laguna Beach: No walking or hiking required. Just point the camera and shoot all the while sitting in your air-conditioned car.

I do recommend you have the car engine off and the hand brake on. And yes you are parked on a real parking lot so your car will not get dirty. Can't have a dirty car and live in Laguna Beach.

I'm getting off track here. I do recommend you go out to the Big Bend campus of LCAD and park there. And yes you probably can stay in the car and get a good photo but really get out and do a little walking. There are trails to walk.

Try it.

05:20 AM -0.11 feet Low Tide
06:09 AM Sunrise
07:55 AM Moonset
11:36 AM 3.58 feet High Tide
04:38 PM 1.61 feet Low Tide
07:29 PM Sunset
09:52 PM Moonrise
10:56 PM 5.09 feet High Tide

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