Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Tiny Shop

Laguna Beach: The Tiny ShopI remember when this place sold tiny cars. Now it's tiny guitars. Of course many years past they sold disposable cameras and, of course, film.

They're survivors.

Update: 10:30 AM: Went downtown to look in the windows of this tiny shop and they still sell the cars but the guitars is the main attraction in the window displays. They also carry a bunch of jewelry and many other small items. They have a Kodak sign hanging outside but I didn't see any film. So I guess it's Kodak In Name Only.

Yesterday I said Summer Forever and it worked! I really wanted it to rain so I said the opposite and bingo it rained.

03:27 AM Moonset
05:58 AM 5.54 feet High Tide
06:32 AM Sunrise
01:11 PM -0.61 feet Low Tide
02:11 PM Moonrise
05:38 PM Sunset
07:38 PM 3.91 feet High Tide

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