Tuesday, February 02, 2016

3rd Street Hill? Forget About It!

Laguna Beach: 3rd St Sewer ConstructionDon't even ask the City when 3rd St will be open again. They're not in the mood to answer. Probably all the Entitled People coming in and wanting to know why they can't use 3rd St.

Update: Feb 8, 2016: Two 3rd St sewer project links that may help: Weekly Status Report and Third and Forest Pipeline Project.

It's the City department that wear those heavy, dark blue, uniforms.

So I suggest you Forget About It.

Update: Found this at the Weekly Reports section of the City website:
Sewer Line Construction Third and Forest Pipeline Project - For the upcoming three weeks, the Contractor will continue construction on the Third Street hill. The construction includes jacking a steel casing through the hill and inserting the new sewer pipe in the casing.

TRAFFIC IMPACTS: Because the jacking and receiving pits are so large and deep, traffic safety will require the Third Street hill, from Park Avenue and Mermaid Street, to be closed, in both directions, 24-hours a day until completion of this phase of work. The hill closure will be from January 27 to February 12. During the same period, the westbound lane on Mermaid Street, from Second Street to Glenneyre Street, will also be closed. Police traffic control will be present during peak periods to assist traffic flow.

Anybody want to bet it will go past February 12? I for one thinks it will.

So as I said before: Forget About It

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