Thursday, January 28, 2016

Today's Art Lesson

Laguna Beach: Ed Ruscha, For a short art lesson see this page.

When Eli Broad had his art collection at LACMA you couldn't take any pictures. And they enforced that rule really well. Now with his own museum you can take all the pictures you want. Go figure. No video just stills.

Have you seen the Broad Museum? Inside is OK but the outside reminds me of a corrugated box turned upside down and being used as a mousetrap.

Laguna Beach: The Broad Museum, Disney Hall And A Bunch Of Other StuffIf you plan to go the Broad Museum you need to get reserve tickets. They're free. You can also do what I ended up doing and just go and stand in the standby line. For me there was zero people in this line and I was able to walk right in.

Just play it safe and reserve a date/time. Less worry. You do it online.

The Broad Museum.

05:28 AM 1.90 feet Low Tide
06:50 AM Sunrise
09:27 AM Moonset
11:14 AM 4.31 feet High Tide
05:18 PM Sunset
05:49 PM 0.61 feet Low Tide
09:53 PM Moonrise

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