Sunday, January 31, 2016

Storm Arrives With Strong Winds

Laguna Beach: Strong Winds And High SurfStrong winds accompanied the rain this afternoon causing branches from Eucalyptus trees to fall.

The worst I saw was on Broadway where a large branch from an Eucalyptus tree fell on one car. This caused the closure of Broadway between Beach St and PCH until the debris was removed.

This caused even more traffic problems downtown.

When the Eucalyptus tree branch fell there was a very strong wind, almost like a tornado, that went through the Well Fargo Bank parking lot.

I just got into my car when this strong wind developed. I started to get out to photograph the winds but decided I was safer in the car. The wind only lasted for a few seconds but it was still strong enough to break off the Eucalyptus tree branch.

Laguna Beach: Strong Winds And High Surf

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