Sunday, January 03, 2016

Long Lasting Candy Baron

Laguna Beach: Candy BaronHow long has the Candy Baron been here in Laguna Beach? If my memory is any good, and it isn't, it was here when I first came to Laguna in 1968. Anyone know when they first showed up? The reason I may be wrong because it's not listed in the 1967 Chamber of Commerce directory.

12:56 AM Moonrise
04:30 AM 4.58 feet High Tide
06:56 AM Sunrise
11:41 AM 1.42 feet Low Tide
12:33 PM Moonset
04:55 PM Sunset
05:14 PM 2.93 feet High Tide
10:16 PM 1.88 feet Low Tide


  1. 1992

  2. Steve S.7:13 PM

    After reading your post and request today, I was trying to remember if there was any store in Laguna Beach called "Candy Baron", as I'm sure I would have remembered that, being a young kid that walked all over Laguna back in the 1960's until 1971. You had me intrigued, so I looked it up online, and as it turns out Candy Baron is a chain that has of course a store in Laguna Beach since 1992, one in San Francisco and another in Santa Monica.

    Here's from their website; "The Laguna Beach Store...

    Opened in 1992 and is our second largest store. Laguna Beach is famous around the world for it's art festivals and renowned "Pageant of The Masters" and is close in proximity to Newport Beach, with it's fabulous harbors and multi-million dollar homes and boats."


  3. Thanks for that info Steve.