Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do You Remember When . . .?

Laguna Beach: Laguna’s 1970 Music FestivalMy parents bought a house at the Top of the World in 1968. I got back from Vietnam in '69 and spent the Summer at their house and down at Brooks St body surfing everyday.

Even went to Sawdust in '69.

And dropped in at the Music Festival in 1970. That had to be the weirdest Music event ever held. Didn't the Laguna Beach Police keep people from entering Laguna via Laguna Canyon Rd unless you had a driver's licence with a Laguna Beach address. I just remember I had to show my valids to get to the festival and then back into Laguna Beach.

See more of the photos I took at that Music festival over here.

These crazy old memories blasted from the old memory department of what's left of the brain after reading an interesting story at KCET website. Here's the story about Laguna Beach in the hippy era.

It's worth reading the story just for the comments from Jim Otto of the Sound Spectrum.

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  1. Steve S.11:48 PM

    I remember The Happening. I was only 12 at the time. I also remember all the folks in Laguna were pretty upset with what was going on, and as you stated, the Laguna Beach Police had blocked off Laguna Canyon Road blocked off both directions, but it wasn't until there were already about 25,000 people out at Sycamore Flats, I believe which is right about where the toll road cuts through today.

    Rumor went around town that acid was being dropped from an airplane, which later on turned out to be true, it was called Orange Sunshine acid. After that event, it seemed to be the end of an almost 10 year long hippie era in Laguna Beach.

    I also went to the first Sawdust Festival, I think it was 1968. I believe pretty close to where it is now. It really did have sawdust all over the foot paths. The outer walls around the property were lined crudely with sheets of plywood, just as the exhibits were inside. It contained mostly things like a guy with a potters wheel, someone doing spin-art that was interactive with the children. Macrame art, God's Eye's made with colored yarn and sticks, some paintings and host of other 1960's stuff. I don't think the creators of the Sawdust Festival ever imagined that it would look like what it does today.