Sunday, January 24, 2016

Cyclists See No Rules Preventing Bicycles From Tide Pools

Laguna Beach: Cyclists Rides The Tide PoolsThis is the response from the cyclists  about the fellow who rode his bike onto the tide pools.
To All Hardcore Cyclists,
I have to agree with him, except the blanket statement about the hardcore cyclist:
they violate any and all rules

and laws they consider an inconvenience to them
stop signs
traffic signals
mountain trails

and now tide pools.
Except for the fenders panniers and the Cannondale, this guy looks more like a Bohemian free-spirit from Canyon Acres, circa 1969.
I didn't know tide pools have stop signs?
You know what really sucks? PORSCHE DRIVERS SUCK. Especially Carreras.
clipping corners
excessive speeds
rolling stop signs
running traffic signals
disregard 3-foot passing law
they just don't care
and they suck.
I'll look for a photo just for the Laguna beat.
Learn to share the road with me, a local with a bike.
Laguna Streets
And here's a conversation I had with some fellow on twitter:

Laguna Beach: Cyclists Rides The Tide PoolsTides:
02:46 AM 1.57 feet Low Tide
06:52 AM Sunrise
07:04 AM Moonset
08:51 AM 6.09 feet High Tide
03:49 PM -0.91 feet Low Tide
05:14 PM Sunset
06:13 PM Moonrise
10:13 PM 4.25 feet High Tide

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