Sunday, January 31, 2016

A Tree Grows In 3 Hour Spurts

Laguna Beach: A Tree Grows In 3 Hour Spurts.Did you try to brave the traffic on PCH yesterday? Went down to the US gas station at noon to find Glenneyre from Legion north bumper to bumper. PCH wasn't much better but it was moving. Is all this traffic because of 3rd St hill being closed? We also have a lane closure on southbound PCH at the Surf and Sand hotel.

Still for a January there is a lot of visitors in Laguna Beach. If the merchants are having problems it's not because of the lack of visitors.

I have to go I told the tree I would help him move once his 3 hours were up.

02:12 AM 4.14 feet High Tide
06:48 AM Sunrise
09:27 AM 1.90 feet Low Tide
11:06 AM Moonset
02:36 PM 2.68 feet High Tide
05:21 PM Sunset
07:29 PM Last Quarter
07:39 PM 1.93 feet Low Tide

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