Saturday, December 05, 2015

Ocean Ave The People’s Street?

Laguna Beach: Ocean Ave The People’s Street?The people's street? Not exactly. I think the small glass of beer would be double the price of a gallon of gasoline.

Most retailers pay extremely high rents.

Remember the pizza place that was going into the old bank building. They flew the coop when their lease payments were revealed. Now it's going to be a 5-Star Italian restaurant. Not exactly what the average Joe can afford. Better off at Zinc. That's sad.

Now the city is doing another study of downtown retail and restaurants.

Don't they just love studies. You know of a study that was of any use? Me neither.

Here's the story in the Coastline Pilot section of the LA Times. The Pilot doesn't even rate it's own web site. Did it ever?

01:20 AM Moonrise
05:22 AM 4.82 feet High Tide
06:41 AM Sunrise
12:07 PM 1.32 feet Low Tide
01:27 PM Moonset
04:43 PM Sunset
05:43 PM 3.44 feet High Tide
11:16 PM 1.52 feet Low Tide


  1. Rents are driven by the market. Always will be.

  2. Those prime spots downtown are driven by vacationers and visitors, not selling slices of pizza to a few locals.