Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas?

Laguna Beach: Trying To Get The PictureThe young girl didn't want to stand on the mound of sand another second. There is actually two people trying to keep her in position.

I hope it's a merry Christmas for all. For the merchants and their profit margins. For the consumers getting the best possible deals. And for all the rest of us I hope you get the freebies gifts you asked every Santa for while shopping in Target, Wallmart, Frys, Macy, and a couple dozens other merchants..

For the life of me there is something I'm forgetting that I think Christmas day was suppose to celebrate. It will come to me but for now I need to go downstairs and see if I got all the freebies gifts I asked Santa for.


And a Merry Christmas to all.

02:09 AM 1.67 feet Low Tide
03:11 AM Full Moon
06:49 AM Moonset
06:53 AM Sunrise
08:22 AM 6.62 feet High Tide
03:30 PM -1.29 feet Low Tide
04:49 PM Sunset
05:33 PM Moonrise
09:57 PM 4.17 feet High Tide

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