Friday, December 04, 2015

Fantasy Christmas Tree

Laguna Beach: Fantasy Christmas Tree My favorite Christmas tree. It's at South Coast Plaza. It's for everyone, adults and children a like.

It's three stories tall and the picture shows only the lower third of the tree.

Haven't been over there in a while but the tree was in Crystal Court. What it's called today I have no idea. The Plaza's web site wasn't any help either.

All I can say is that the fantasy tree is one of the best free entertainment in the county.

12:28 AM Moonrise
04:47 AM 4.55 feet High Tide
06:40 AM Sunrise
11:20 AM 1.85 feet Low Tide
12:56 PM Moonset
04:38 PM 3.40 feet High Tide
04:43 PM Sunset
10:36 PM 1.37 feet Low Tide

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